3 Piece Bambooware Colander Set February 06 2014

This 3 piece Bambooware colander set is perfect for any kitchen. Made from naturally aged bamboo that is ground into a find pulp and combined with a natural binding agent. Not only are these colanders made from sustainable bamboo grass but are also biodegradable. Only $30.99

Harvestware October 31 2013

Bamboo Studio is pleased to announce the release of eco-friendly dinnerware brand HarvestWare. Created from biodegradable material that looks and feels like plastic, HarvestWare is made from plants, instead of oil-based products.


HarvestWare uses renewable resources like corn, cassava, sugar cane, sugar beets and wheat, as well as non-food plants, for its raw materials. In a landfill, HarvestWare is fully recyclable: micro-organisms within the soil help the innovative product biodegrade into carbon dioxide and water, making it environmentally friendly and eco-safe. Durable and smooth, HarvestWare meets or exceeds all FDA health and testing standards. It’s stain and odor resistant. Recyclable. Non-toxic, it contains no petroleum, BPA, heavy metal or formaldehyde. Sturdy and long-lasting, it’s also microwave and dishwasher safe.

First Post October 31 2012

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